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Things to learn from Warren Buffett



Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world, but what can you learn from them? They made their billions from investments and partnerships, so surely they are some things you can learn from them that will be useful.

If you are hoping to achieve business success like Warren Buffett, you may want to consider the following.

Do a lot of reading

Warren Buffett famously said that he reads around 500 pages of information every day, split between things directly related to his work and things at home for personal enjoyment. Despite his age, Buffett still treats his mind like a sponge and tries to absorb as much information as possible at all time.


Despite his age, Warren Buffett still finds a lot of time for exercise and cites it as one of the reasons he is still able to keep focused and avoid degeneration. You might be surprised to know that Buffett eats not a very healthy diet, but he balances it with exercise to stay fit.

Exercise is great for improving mental wellness as well as physical wellness. This is something that Warren Buffett seems to understand.

Be frugal even when you’re rich

Warren Buffett is known for living in a very humble house and for giving away a lot of his money to charity. Instead of trying to live a rich lifestyle, Buffett saves his money rather than increasing spending on his lifestyle just because he can. He makes do with what keeps him happy and does not spend lots of money chasing new and exciting heights.

He knows that giving back is one of the best ways to feel happy about your legacy. This is why Warren Buffett is known as one of the world’s biggest philanthropists.

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How Donald Trump became a billionaire president



Donald Trump

While the president of the United States has been considered the most powerful position in the world for many decades, it has never meant being a rich person. Most US Presidents come from a political background and wealthy families that while prosperous is not the level of major commercial corporations. The election of Donald Trump in 2016 somewhat changed that trend, since Donald Trump was already an established businessperson.

But how did Trump become a billionaire president? Well, the topic of how and why Donald Trump became president of the United States has been the topic of much debate. Many people were shocked by the fact he managed to win the presidential race against Hillary Clinton, who was overall a much more experienced and tempered politician.

Many had speculated that Donald Trump used racial hatred to win the election by playing into the racism of middle America, especially when it came to immigrants. Trump spoke vaguely by effectively on a variety of issues and told people basically what they wanted to hear, even if that meant making promises he couldn’t keep or playing into a false narrative.

While many of Trump’s opponents could easily point out the lies and racism his campaign was built on, many of his supporters did not care. People had in their mind a political narrative that they wanted to go with and where not about to let facts get in the way of that. This is because Trump and the class of billionaires he represents were able to easily distract voting Americans with social issues while continuing to entrench the corrupt system that they were profiting from.

So, the question really isn’t how Donald Trump became a billionaire president, but why it was allowed to happen in the first place.

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4 interesting things to know about Bill Gates



Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, and there are a lot of myths and facts surrounding him. As the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates has had massive success and is one of the best-known billionaires ever.

However, there are some quirky facts that you might like to know about Bill Gates. Check out the following 4 interesting things to know about Bill Gates.

1.   He takes a week off each year for thinking

Bill Gates has said that he takes a personal holiday for a week each year where he spends the time in personal contemplation, thinking about everything and everything. While most of us wish we could have more free time, how many of us would just spend the time thinking hard and not goofing off?

2.   He takes 10 to 15 books with him when he travels

Bill Gates, while a king of information technology, still loves the hardcover book. Everywhere he goes, he has 10 to 15 books being cycled within reach of him so that he always has fresh and relevant reading material available.

3.   He tried to fail a test on purpose

There was once a private school that Bill Gates did not want to attend, so he tried to intentionally fail and entry exam even though he was smart enough to pass it. However, he was unable to be stupid enough to fail even when he tried, and he managed to pass and get accepted.

4.   He has worked hard to try and eradicate polio

One of the best things Bill Gates has done with his wealth is double the amount researchers asked from him to fight polio. He believed that when he was asked for the initial sum that they were lowballing to get what they could, so he doubled it.

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Why Mark Zuckerberg was so brilliant with Facebook



Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is famous for creating Facebook, the social media platform that seems to be a part of everyone’s life nowadays. Facebook is such an essential part of how people communicate with each other and has proven to have a lot of utility for businesses as well. With Facebook and the other social media sites it inspired, people have become more interconnected than ever before.

Why is Facebook so brilliant?

Facebook is brilliant because it has no real correct way to use it. It is like a sandbox within the internet that people can interact with things and build a visible profile of who they are. Unlike just browsing the internet as an anonymous internet user, Facebook enables people and their entire social circle to experience the same things together and interact in a shared space.

Part of why Facebook is so successful is its security. People have a lot of control over their privacy on the platform, which enables them to use it in a more personal way without fear of being exploited. People can either choose to be entirely public or to be more private and only share things with friends.

There is so much choice on Facebook that makes people who won’t have it feel like they are missing out. This fear of missing out explains why it is so hard for some people to take a break from Facebook, let alone delete their account.

In this way, Facebook is the most powerful social media platform because people have, for better or worse, made it a habitual part of their everyday life. The paradigm does not seem like it is going to change anytime soon, and people who aren’t using Facebook in some capacity are going to miss out.

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