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The benefits of going to the Alice Springs cinema



The benefits of going to the Alice Springs cinema

Going to the Alice Springs cinema is something that most people experience in their life quite a few times. The Alice Springs cinema is where the newest releases are showcased before they are released to the general public.

The advances in technology to do with video quality and sound are all but apparent to the population, and the Alice Springs cinema is no different. Watching a movie on a huge screen with incredible surround sound speakers is an experience in itself, and is the best way to enjoy a new movie. There is something different about experiencing an action movie on a huge, high quality screen, with the explosions and shots in your face and the audio to go with it blasting in your ears from all angles, in comparison to watching it at home in a distracting environment. While the actual Alice Springs cinema experience is amazing, the social experience of going with friends, family and dates is another thing entirely. Watching a movie together at the Alice Springs cinema with someone or some people is a good way to bond and spend time together, as you are enjoying an activity together. Usually after the movie, you can hang out together with your chosen individual or individuals, and catch up and discuss the movie together.

Here are some of the benefits of going to the Alice Springs cinema.

The picture and sound

This is what you’re here for right?

The actual movie at the Alice Springs cinema is showcased on a huge screen with incredible quality, allowing to see all the smallest details. Action movies are something else on the big screen at the Alice Springs cinema, with explosions and fistfights sparing no detail, their colour on full display on the screen. Don’t even get me started on horror movies, if you think that they are scary at home, then wait till you see a big screen horror movie jumpscare you at the Alice Springs cinema! It really is something else, the eerie music building up in suspense on the surround sound speakers, every squeak and footstep right there next to your ear, and finally when the jumpscare happens, the video quality of a spectre jumping right at you with the loud music just completely jars the brain. The quality of home TVs and digital streaming services are getting better, but it cannot compare to the Alice Springs cinema, where the environment is made simply for watching movies. A home theatre is a good improvement, however not everyone can afford one or has the space for one, and it is good but still cannot be compared to the Alice Springs cinema.

The picture and sound quality of the Alice Springs cinema is definitely worth the trip.

The snacks

Pop corn in red striped tubs at the Alice Springs cinema

There are many snacks out there that attempt to replicate the ones that you find at the Alice Springs cinema, such as a large variety of different types of popcorn. However, I think it is fair to say, that there is just something different about the popcorn that you find at the theatre. Despite its relatively high price, I would honestly go to the Alice Springs cinema just to eat the popcorn. There are also many other snacks available including numerous different types of lollies and drinks. In fact, it is not just the flavour of the food that makes it taste great, but also the fact that you are enjoying it while watching a movie, possibly with your friends or family. This combines together to make a beautiful taste and flavour, and is a great reason to go to the theatre. Moreover, the snacks are easily accessible (usually purchased before the movie), and will last you throughout the whole movie if you buy the right amount! If you do happen to run out, you can simply quickly run out to grab more. This makes the snacks not only delicious, but convenient.

The movie options and watching new releases

You can always count on the Alice Springs cinema to have a good choice of movies available at any given time. Being able to access their website and look through which movies are showing is convenient, and allows you to have a great choice of new releases. You can also skip the lines at the movies by booking your tickets online. In addition to this, the newest releases always come out in the movies first, meaning that you will be able to see new and highly anticipated movies at the Alice Springs cinema only. You could opt to wait for the newly released movie to come out on streaming services or DVD, however this usually takes some time, as it has to first play out in the movies, then a period of time elapses afterwards before it is released. You are much better off going to the theatre to watch it if you are keen.

You are focused on the movie

A group of people are sitting in the Alice Springs cinema watching a movie

When you are watching a movie in a familiar environment such as your home or your friend’s home, you are surrounded by constant distractions. There could be your pets running around, kids making noise, someone using the kitchen, your phone ringing or notifications popping up and so on. It can be hard to immerse yourself into a movie and its environment if your own environment is full of distractions. In the Alice Springs cinema movie theatre, you are surrounding by darkness and entering an environment made for one purpose, to watch a movie. You will be there with other people who are only there to watch a movie too, thus there will be no distractions. Your phone has to be turned off too, eliminating the possibility of phone related distractions. Coming to the Alice Springs cinema is a good way to cut yourself off from the outside world and get away from everything for a few hours. You could have bills due, friendship or relationship problems or some issues at work, but all that can wait for a few hours while you relax and immerse yourself fully into the world of the movie. It can be rather therapeutic, and is a good way to get away from it all. You cannot really do this in your own home, and it is not the same.

In summary, the Alice Springs cinema offers many benefits to its visitors, and there are many reasons to visit. The first of these is the picture and sound quality, and it is a different experience to watch a good movie with these aspects in incredible quality. The snacks are amazing, especially the popcorn, and are made even better when watching a great film at the Alice Springs cinema. Moreover, there are various different movie options to choose from, and all the new releases come out first at the Alice Springs cinema. Finally, coming to the Alice Springs cinema is a good way to get away from the outside world and to put your current problems behind you for a few hours. This can be rather therapeutic, as you are getting away from all the distractions and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This cannot really be done in a home environment. The Alice Springs cinema is well worth a visit for these reasons.

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Why you should get your children into a pro-sport lifestyle



Why you should get your children into a pro-sport lifestyle

Getting your kids involved in individual and team-based sports is essential for many reasons. Community sports can build cooperative skills, teach youngsters how to engage in the development of strategies, while promoting a healthy lifestyle of exercise and enjoyment. Here are some of the most well-documented advantages of encouraging your children to play sports.

Increased stamina and strength

Sports like rugby, soccer, tennis and swimming help strengthen muscles and improve stamina. This is because both the drills and the games require these skills during play.

Better coordination

“Ball sports” as they are commonly referred to are great for developing coordination skills in adolescents. This relates to sports like cricket, soccer, AFL, rugby, tennis, volleyball, badminton and other games where coordination plays a crucial role. The positive effects of engaging with these sports as kids can last a lifetime!

Improved cardiovascular function

Engaging in both team and individual sports can improve cardiovascular health. Put simply, the more active you are, the healthier your lungs and heart tend to be. Marathon running or cross country are especially useful when it comes to improving cardiovascular health.

Better social skills

Encouraging your kids to get involved in sports also has a variety of emotional and social benefits. Team-based sports are great because they help your child to make friends, pick up social cues and learn how to compromise.

Stress reduction

Sport can also be a fantastic way to reduce stress and improve your child’s mental health. It allows them to blow off a bit of steam and forget about any anxieties they might have for a while.

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Some things you might not know about Nicole Kidman



Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is one of the most talented and beautiful actors of her generation. She has taken on more than 60 roles since her debut in 1983 and is one of the more formidable A-list celebs.

Here are some things you might not have known about her.

She was inspired to act by the Wicked Witch of the West

The chief antagonist of the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West, was the main inspiration behind Kidman’s choice to pursue a career in acting. He made this decision after meeting the actor who played the Witch, Margaret Hamilton.

She had a stutter as a child that makes her shy

Nicole Kidman has always had an issue of why shyness due to a stutter she had as a child. Even as an adult, she struggles with the shyness that the issue caused her. For this reason, she is shy about going to crowded places alone.

She was introduced to Tom Cruise in her first US film

He first big American film Days of Thunder was where she met her future husband, Tom Cruise. Kidman and Cruise would start in some other films together before their divorce.

She has been the highest-paid female actor many times

At 3 different points, Nicole Kidman has been the highest-paid female actor in the world. She was also named as one of the most influential people in the world in Time Magazine for two separate years.

She has once said she still loved Tom Cruise

While she has been divorced from Tom Cruise for some time now, she has been quoted saying that she still loves and cares about him.

There you have it, a few things you might not have known about the superstar Nicole Kidman.

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You can dress like Kim Kardashian on the cheap



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest female celebrities out there, so it’s no surprise that many women are inspired by her and want to achieve the same ‘look’ that she has. While Kim achieves her looks effortlessly (because she’s Kim), with money not being an issue, most other women need to take their budget into consideration.

Obviously, most women can’t afford to dress like Kim Kardashian every day, since she likes to wear very expensive things. However, there are some ways that women can dress like Kim Kardashian on a budget.

Focus on the ‘look’ and not the specific brand

The easiest way to dress like Kim while not spending a lot of money is to get a general idea of what he ‘look’ is and replicated it with budget alternatives. A lot of the time, the expensive brands she wears don’t have anything obviously unique about them that you can’t approximate with a cheaper alternative.

For example, if one of Kim’s outfits has a cream-coloured skirt, then you can find a cream-coloured skirt in the same cut from many other brands. Unless she is wearing something that has an expensive brand name displayed prominently, you can easily cheat and find a budget version.

Don’t make it too obvious

Of course, if you want to get all the benefits of looking like Kim without attracting attention as a copycat, then you need to be subtle. The best thing you can do is not talk about her with your friends; otherwise, they will have her in their mind, and you will end up being compared to her.

Start slowly and do subtle changes to the outfits you put together, so they aren’t exact replicas of what Kim is doing. Be inspired, but don’t copy wholesale.

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