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Some ways that you can buy things cheap as chips



Some ways that you can buy things cheap as chips

There is no reason to be spending as much as you do on normal things when you could be using various methods to buy them cheap as chips.
For many people, they do not even consider that you can buy things for less than what they advertise the price, however there is always a way to do so and it can save you bits of money. Financial freedom nowadays is achieved by what you save, and the bits you save will add up over time into a significant amount.
Buying things that would normally be full price at a discounted rate will surely help you to save money, and this money could be considerable after some time allowing you to possibly purchase something more expensive in the future or just save for financial freedom. There are numerous ways to buy things cheap as chips, and some will require using a bit of communication so confidence is key. Furthermore, you may need to sacrifice some comforts you are used to, however it will help when the items you purchase are cheap as chips and will save you a good amount of money.

Here are some ways that you can buy things cheap as chips.

Borrow items you don’t need

If you need to use something such as equipment but you do not need it permanently, rather than going out and buying it, you can borrow it for cheap as chips. Borrowing something is much preferred as you will still receive the item(s) you need for use, however you can get it for cheap as chips and a fraction of the price. This is particularly important for very expensive items such as a truck or expensive equipment such as a camera. If you can borrow these cheap as chips, you will be much better off financially.
Moreover, if you can borrow them for free from family or friends, then this is even better. If you are sure that they will lend it to you for free, then be confident and ask. This will make sure you spend nothing at all, and this is definitely a good way to save money.

Ask for discounts

Customer handing over a credit card to woman holding eftpos machine cheap as chips dealIt is not well-known, but you can haggle down prices at retail stores.
This is where the confidence part comes in, as many people may feel awkward at first about haggling down prices, however it can and will be accepted at some places and sometimes you may succeed in lowering the price to one that is cheap as chips. The more you practice and ask, the easier it will get and less awkward it will feel. The worst that can happen is that they say no.
In order to do so, you can start off by asking if the item you are looking to purchase has any discounts, deals or specials going on at the moment.
If they do, then try to look for the best one. If not, try to lower the price and agree upon one with the retailer. A good key to haggling is to know the prices of the item at other stores, as many stores will have a ‘match other prices’ policy in which they will match the price of another store or sometimes even lower it, which is cheap as chips! Lowering the price on items at retailers will add up and save you a considerable amount of money on items that do not need to be purchased at full price. Sometimes the retailer will not budge on the price, and that is fine, but you never know until you try.
Thereby, it is always worth trying to haggle the price down to cheap as chips to save some money.

Online auctions and marketplaces

Using online auctions and marketplaces is a good way to save money on clothing and other random items you may require. These items are usually second hand, however they would be in good condition otherwise they would not be sold again. If you can handle wearing second hand clothes and using second hand items, then you can save a significant amount of money on this as they are cheap as chips and buying clothes and other items brand new can be very expensive nowadays.
If you are looking for new clothes, online marketplaces such as Depop offer stylish second hand clothes that not only look good, but are also cheap as chips, much more so than buying them from a retailer. Furthermore, looking for appliances or really any type of item you need can be purchased from online marketplaces, and whilst they are second hand, they are bound to be in good condition (or they wouldn’t be sold again) and you can get them cheap as chips. It is recommended to exercise caution when looking through online marketplaces, as some items may not be as advertised. Be prepared to ask questions about the item to the seller, especially if it is a larger item or more expensive one. Regardless, purchasing goods this way is cheap as chips and will help to save money.

Be patient

When you can’t find discounts or deals on an item or you can’t haggle the price down to cheap as chips, them sometimes you should back off and be patient until the time is right. You can create a ‘wish list’ of sorts where you can list the items you want to purchase but were not able to get for a lowered price.
You can then check on these items periodically in order to see if any discounts or deals have cropped up or if the price has dropped, or you can try to haggle the price down to cheap as chips again. Regardless, patience is key when looking to save money as sometimes you are better off waiting for an item to lower its price or receive a discount. Patience is also helpful when saving for an item, as sometimes an item will not go down in price to cheap as chips and you will simply have to save until you have the financial freedom and stability to do so.

Go thrift shopping

Woman holding shopping bags happy about her cheap as chips discounts

When looking for new clothes, thrift shopping has items that are cheap as chips. Thrift shopping has become very popular in recent years, due to the stylish and vintage clothes found in many thrift shops and for cheap as chips prices. It is understandable, and many young entrepreneurs go thrifting for clothes for cheap as chips prices in order to flip them on Depop or other online clothing marketplaces. When going to a retailer, they will have big brand names, however these fast fashion brands are not only bad for the environment but they are also quite expensive. Cheap as chips prices are available at thrift stores which often have second hand big brand names clothing in there that is in good condition.

In summary, you can save money by purchasing items at cheap as chips prices through haggling, discounts and specials, online marketplaces and auctions, thrift shopping and sometimes just some patience is required.
With these in combination, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money through cheap as chips prices and this will ensure some form of financial freedom in the near future.



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You can dress like Kim Kardashian on the cheap



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest female celebrities out there, so it’s no surprise that many women are inspired by her and want to achieve the same ‘look’ that she has. While Kim achieves her looks effortlessly (because she’s Kim), with money not being an issue, most other women need to take their budget into consideration.

Obviously, most women can’t afford to dress like Kim Kardashian every day, since she likes to wear very expensive things. However, there are some ways that women can dress like Kim Kardashian on a budget.

Focus on the ‘look’ and not the specific brand

The easiest way to dress like Kim while not spending a lot of money is to get a general idea of what he ‘look’ is and replicated it with budget alternatives. A lot of the time, the expensive brands she wears don’t have anything obviously unique about them that you can’t approximate with a cheaper alternative.

For example, if one of Kim’s outfits has a cream-coloured skirt, then you can find a cream-coloured skirt in the same cut from many other brands. Unless she is wearing something that has an expensive brand name displayed prominently, you can easily cheat and find a budget version.

Don’t make it too obvious

Of course, if you want to get all the benefits of looking like Kim without attracting attention as a copycat, then you need to be subtle. The best thing you can do is not talk about her with your friends; otherwise, they will have her in their mind, and you will end up being compared to her.

Start slowly and do subtle changes to the outfits you put together, so they aren’t exact replicas of what Kim is doing. Be inspired, but don’t copy wholesale.

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Life lessons from Keanu Reeves



Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is a celebrity who is known for being a genuine ‘nice guy’. He is beloved by millions for who he is off-screen potentially more than the characters he portrays on-screen. It’s only natural that some people would want to replicate the kind of lifestyle he has.

Whether you like his movies or not, there are some important and worthwhile life lessons that you can get from Keanu Reeves.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

The most likeable thing about Keanu Reeves is his humility. He never seems to display any kind of arrogance, even in a playful way. While he does seem to be strangely shy in interviews despite being an A-list actor, he never seems to make a fool of himself and always accepts compliments with grace.

Deal with your pain privately

One of the tragic yet notable things about Keanu Reeves is that he has had a lot of personal hardship in his life. However, you would only really hear about it from tabloids and never from Keanu directly. While he has spoken about the personal tragedy in his life now and then, he mainly stays focused on positive things and deals with negative things privately.

This does not mean to vent frustration or to not talk to people about the pain you experience. The lesson is that there is not much to be gained from making your tragedy the centre of attention, something Keanu avoided.

Be charitable

Keane Reeves famously gave more than half of his profits from the Matrix away to the behind the scenes team. He is remembered fondly because of that and all the other charitable work he has done, without claiming fame from it. He gets more sincere praise because he does not slap his name across the charity work and does it because he really cares.

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What you need to know about essential oils for cleaning



What you need to know about essential oils for cleaning

Essential oils for cleaning have been highly praised for years now, due to the many properties contained within them that can be used for a variety of different things. These effects can range from health to utility purposes such as essential oils for cleaning. These products have been championed by people for many years now and have been incorporated into many different types of items including body wash, shampoo and soap (especially hand soap). Entire markets have opened up due to the popularity of essential oils for cleaning and for other purposes. These markets are thriving, and the recognition of the products and their popularity grows by the day.

Since there is so much information out there on essential oils for cleaning, there is often sometimes misinformation that is spread about certain brands to make them seem ‘magical’ or have properties that are simply not true. Because of this, it can sometimes be complex to get into the world of these products.

That being said, here is what you need to know about essential oils for cleaning.

Why are they good for cleaning?

Folded towels, pegs, lemons and limes with essential oil bottles for cleaning.

Essential oils are great for cleaning for a variety of reasons.

Essential oils for cleaning are great at their job for a few reasons.

They contain a number of antimicrobial properties within them that can help to kill germs and bacteria. These properties allow them to do a very good job, so much so that they can be a natural alternative to replace commercial chemical-based products which do the same thing. Moreover, if you wanted to create a more customised product, you can put together a cleaning recipe using essential oils for cleaning and create a compound that cleans well and also smells great.

What classifies something as an essential oil for cleaning?

When picking up essential oils for cleaning, you should be looking at the products to ensure that you are choosing one that is made of pure essences. Since there are so many products on the market nowadays, some of them are not pure, and you will not be getting the most benefit out of it. To classify these products, they must be extracted through the use of steam distillation or cold pressing from plants, herbs and flowers.

Since it is extracted straight from these sources, the scent of the essential oils for cleaning is usually very strong. Once this has been extracted, it is distilled and bottled up, then sold on the market for people to use and benefit from.

What to look for when buying these products

Woman sitting at desk with tea and a laptop reading essential oil reviews.

Try to look for natural essential oils when shopping for cleaning products.

If it is possible to find, you should try to buy natural essential oils for cleaning.

This is especially true if you plan on using these oils on yourself, such as your body, in a bath or for your skin. You should look for the label on the essential oils for cleaning and look for the 100% pure statement. In doing this, you can ensure that you are getting a natural essential oil product and not one which is synthetic or infused with anything that is synthetic. You also want to check that the plant, herb or flower has not been mixed with anything. Furthermore, you will want to look and see if the ingredients listed state that it is made of essential oils for cleaning only and that there are no additional synthetic materials, or it has not been diluted with other types of products such as carrier oils. To be clear, essential oils for cleaning are not those products which are not synthetic fragrance oils nor synthetic perfumes and advertised as something that they are not.

Risks and safety information

Just like everything, essential oils for cleaning has some risks that you should be aware of, as well as safety information regarding the products.

The first and foremost thing is that it should not be ingested at all or taken internally. This is quite obvious to many people, but it still has to be stated, because someone at some point has likely tried to do this, with terrible results.

Another risk of essential oils for cleaning is if it is placed on the skin without being diluted, then there is a possibility for skin reactions to occur. Another thing to be mindful of is essential oils for cleaning near pets. Pets are known to eat anything and often they will try to eat things which are not that good for them. This also includes these products, as when ingested, they can be harmful to our furry little friends. It can affect them quite strongly, as their sense of smell is stronger than ours, and this can cause them to be attracted to them as a result. Furthermore, there are other warnings to do with essential oils for cleaning if you are pregnant or have any other health conditions.

It is important to consult with a medical professional if you are pregnant or have any prior health conditions before using these products.

Perfect starting scents

Tea Tree

Person holding tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle with a tea towel in the other hand.

Tea tree essential oil is a great product for cleaning.

Tea Tree is one of the most common types of scents within essential oils for cleaning and is closely associated with being good for skin and also with soap and washing. The scent can often come on very strong. However, you will learn to love it over time. The properties of tea tree are antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. It can be used as an all-purpose spray for cleaning anywhere in the house and is especially good in the bathroom/shower. It mixes well with a variety of different essential oils for cleaning.


Lemon essential oil in spray bottle with lemons.

Lemon essential oil has antiviral properties.

Lemon is great for cutting through grease, and for being antiviral.

It is one of the best essential oils for cleaning and can be used to effectively disinfect and get rid of any greasy and sticky substances. Its scent is known to everyone and is not off-putting at all. It is good for mixing with other citrus fruit such as limes and oranges. Both of these citrus fruits work just as well for disinfecting and degreasing too.


Lavender essential oil in bottle with flowers behind.

Lavender essential oil is useful for cleaning and also for relaxation.

Lavender is one of the essential oils for cleaning that is associated with many different feelings, but relaxation and tranquillity are definitely some of them.

This is a great scent for laundry use and adding it to laundry detergent can help to keep musty odours from building up inside the washing machine or piles of laundry. It is great to use for bedrooms and for linen and mixes well with a lot of other products. Lavender is one of the more popular scents and is used in many different types of products, as it is able to be distributed throughout a house, and it will work well anywhere.

In summary, essential oils for cleaning are very helpful for this purpose, and they smell great too. However, there are some risks that come with these products which should be considered, especially if you have pets who like to explore and eat things. There are many different scents which can be used, and these can even be mixed together to create blends that work well. You should definitely look into these products if you have not already, as you are now armed with the knowledge required to go into the market with confidence.

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