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4 fun board games you probably don’t know about



fun board games you probably don’t know about

Everyone has heard of Monopoly, Cluedo and Twister. These old classics have become timeless because of their universal appeal and endless fun. However, there’s more to the world of board games than Monopoly and Cluedo. There are thousands of incredibly fun and enjoyable board games out there, many of which don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Do you recognise any of the names on the list below?

Settlers of Catan

First published in 1995, this German multiplayer board game requires players to become settlers. Throughout the game, players attempt to build and develop communities while engaging in trade and resource acquisition. Players attain points as their settlements grow and thrive.

Ticket to Ride

Published in 2004, Ticket to Ride requires players to play train car cards, which allows them to develop a series of train routes across the world. How do players accrue points and win? The length of their train routes, how continuous the tracks are and whether their train routes can connect cities across the map all come into play when determining points.

Heroes Wanted

Designed for 1-5 players, this wacky board game is all about building your team of wannabe superheroes. Once you’ve assembled your squad, you’ll then face off against an equally absurd villain—great fun for all the superhero fans out there.

Merchant of Venus

A playful pun on Shakespeare’s acclaimed play, the Merchant of Venus is a discovery game where players have to explore different trade routes and customise their ships. It’s like Ticket to Ride but set in an unexplored part of the galaxy. The first player to reach the money goal (usually between $2000 and $4000) is the declared winner.

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How a virtual phone system is used and benefits a company



How a virtual phone system is used and benefits a company

A virtual phone system is a communication platform which is installed onto computers across a company. It allows employees to receive and make calls all through their computer and over the Internet. Companies in the modern age will have to make a significant number of calls and keep communication and engagement high. As it is important to do this, it is equally as important to have a reliable platform which allows you to make these calls. This is where a virtual phone system comes into play. It provides a stable platform which multiple users (employees within a company) can use to make and receive calls. It also offers a number of different features which allow for multiple calls to be made, as well as automated messages. It makes complete sense as to why a company would benefit from the use of a virtual phone system, however if you are still not convinced, here are some of the benefits.

Multiple callers at once

Within the corporate environment, you will need to have meetings and calls with multiple people at once. With traditional phone systems, this often means having to dial each person and linking the calls, if that is even possible with the chosen phone systems. With a VPS, you are able to add in multiple numbers into a group call with the click of a button. This makes it easier than ever to have meetings and conference calls, and it can all be done through a computer. With the current pandemic in play, this is an essential feature which should be utilized liberally.

Call forwarding and automated messages

It is vital for a business to keep up customer engagement and communication. When a customer calls, it is imperative that their calls do not go unnoticed. This can give them the feeling of not being appreciated or wanted. If a customer calls after hours, a VPS can be used to set up an automated message to inform them of the hours of the business. Furthermore, if a customer calls about an enquiry, automated systems can be setup through a VPS to direct them to the right person to talk to. You have likely encountered these types of systems in your life, and these are all done through a VPS. If your business is customer facing and relies on customer engagement and communication, a VPS is needed to help set up these systems and keep that engagement and communication high. This will also reflect in your customer satisfaction which can help your business significantly.

A VPS is a necessary tool for any modern business which wants to survive in such a competitive environment. A VPS should be utilized by any business, especially those who are customer facing. Moreover, communication within a business is everything, and employees need to be able to connect to each other. A VPS makes it easy to have a connected office which can contact each other at a moment’s notice.

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Russell Jack, Southland Yoga Guru Reveals How to Zap an Energy Slump in 5 Minutes



Russell Jack

Maintaining a steady level of energy throughout your busy day is not easy, and doing it without the help of caffeine may seem next to impossible for some. Here, Russell Jack, Southland-based Yoga Guru and Meditation Instructor, explains a simple, quick exercise called qigong to help you snap out of an energy slump.

If you’re looking for an all-natural equipment-free technique for stabilizing energy, you’ll want to give qigong a try. The following exercise will reinvigorate people of all ages and bring them some much-needed energy to get through their busy days. The most amazing part is that it will only take around five minutes.

What Is Qigong?

Qigong is like a simpler form of t’ai chi. Its name means ‘life energy cultivation’ in Chinese. It is an ancient practice with roots that extend back more than 4,000 years and it consists mainly of a series of gentle exercises intended to allow the free flow of energy, or qi, throughout the body. Much like meditation, qigong is based heavily on breathing control and relaxation techniques.

Step 1: Find Your Space

It’s helpful for you to find a space free of distractions and not too claustrophobic. This will allow you to turn your focus inward so that you can get the most out of your five-minute exercise. It may not always be possible to avoid all distractions, and that’s okay. Should a distraction come up that needs your attention, tend to it and return to your exercise without allowing it any more power over you than is needed.

Step 2:  Find Your Stance

Once you’ve found a comfortable space for your exercise, it’s time to find a proper stance to allow for the free flow of energy. Separate your legs about your hip’s width apart to create a strong and balanced base. Relax your shoulders, neck, and face, with your arms resting at the side of your body and palms facing forward.

Step 3: Find Your Flow

Now you are going to combine a breathing exercise with a gentle physical exercise. Inhale deeply and slowly as you extend your arms horizontally outward and then raise them toward the sky while extending your legs in unison. Once your arms are pointing directly upward you can begin your slow and gentle exhale as you point your arms toward one another, palms to the floor, and bring them down to return to your starting point along with your legs. This flowing circular motion should match your breathing perfectly.

Step 4: Reverse the Flow

After about a minute or so, you’re going to return to your relaxed standing position. Inhale deeply and gently in order to center yourself. Relaxing your shoulders, neck, and face once more, reverse your flowing motion, raising your arms toward the center of your body as you inhale, and then upward toward the sky where you will begin your exhale as you extend your arms outward and down in a circular motion. After a minute or so, reverse your flow once more and repeat until your five minutes is up. This exercise should make you feel great – relaxed but energized at the same time.

About Russell Jack

Russell Jack, Southland Yoga guru, lives in Invercargill, New Zealand. He specializes in Vinyasa Yoga, Qigong, and guided meditations. He is not only passionate about mindfulness and yoga, but he is also an animal lover who regularly volunteers with the World Animal Protection organization and a frequent donor to various non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection of rare and endangered species. In his free time, you can find him enjoying nature, surfing, and traveling the world.


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The Top 4 Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos



Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos are an increasingly popular beauty treatment that many people are getting done to enhance their look. Good eyebrows can do wonders for your face and cosmetic tattooing has a number of benefits for maintaining this appearance. These are some of the top benefits of eyebrow tattoos. Find out why this procedure could be the one for you!

#1 You Can Choose the Shape

Eyebrows come in all different shapes and sizes and even the slightest difference in shape can dramatically alter your look. Knowing this, when you are looking to get an eyebrow tattoo done, it is important to have an ideal shape for your face in mind. Different faces and different aesthetics look better with certain styles of eyebrows. Fortunately, the eyebrow tattooing procedure is 100% customisable from the thickness, to the colour, to the shape. No matter how you prefer your eyebrows to look, your beautician will be able to implement the perfect cosmetic tattoo for you. Whether you usually opt for a more natural look or are into a more glamorous and bold look, you are in control. This will give you the confidence that you can have flawless eyebrows that perfectly flatter your face wherever you go.

#2 They Will Save You Time

Sculpting eyebrows is a very fine art. It’s no surprise that some people can spend hours upon hours tweezing, brushing, shaping and colouring their eyebrows to perfection. While this process gives you incredible brows, it also means that you might be late for a few things. With eyebrow tattoos, you will no longer have to spend all this time perfecting your eyebrows and can show up to any event in a punctual manner, all while looking gorgeous.

#3 They Will Save You Money

On top of the time spent on sculpting eyebrows, a great deal of money also goes in. There’s no shortage or products when it comes to eyebrow maintenance and if you are an avid user of these products, the amount that you spend on them can quickly add up. Cosmetic tattoos will mean that you can say goodbye to gels, tweezers and pencils. While the initial treatment is slightly costly, it is all worth it for the amount that you save on products typically used for maintaining your brows. Tattoos, unlike hair, do not need to be constantly maintained with hundreds of products! Your brows will not be budging an inch.

#4 They Will Boost Your Confidence

The best part of any beauty treatment such as eyebrow tattoos is that it will have you glowing both inside and out. With the hassle of maintaining your eyebrows removed, you will have the confidence that your eyebrows look flawless 24/7. This will allow you to spend more time with friends and family looking stunning and feeling good.


These 4 benefits are just some of the reasons why eyebrow tattoos are becoming so popular in the beauty community. With the techniques constantly evolving and improving, this beauty enhancement is truly the future. If you are tired of worrying about how your brows look, find your nearest clinic and book your treatment today!

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